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Carpet Cleaning Perth

If you are looking for the finest professional carpet cleaners in Perth, Clean Fantastic is your solution! Our main objective is to provide a high quality house cleaning service, and we always aim for fantastic solutions in our line of work. With 8 years of experience in the Perth area, our carpet cleaning experts have the experience and knowhow to deal with any type of dirt, grease, oil or any other undesirable dirt wherever it may be found around your home.

A clean home is a necessary step towards good hygiene and healthy living, at once minimising the risk of the spread of diseases, and the invasion of unsightly pests which can be unsightly and have a negative impact on health. A regularly cleaned, dust-free home will make breathing easier, with fresh air and clean smells replacing the old and stale air of homes that are not well maintained and do not receive regular cleaning.

For reasons of health and safety as well as visual appeal, proper home cleaning is a must. It also lets our clients relax and earn better enjoyment of their valuable free time, knowing that their lives can be enjoyed to the fullest rather than spent on hard scrubbing, vacuuming and polishing during the moments when rest and relaxation are the far more attractive option.
The home also becomes a far more pleasant place when you can enjoy the views from clean and spotless windows, have carefree moments sitting on the rug or floor, and fully appreciate your home and possessions as they look their best. Through our convenient home cleaning service, never more than a phone call away, you can brighten your home and ease your worries by having Clean Fantastic take care of dirt, stains and many other common issues related to cleanliness at home.

Our Vision is to create the greatest customer experience in the house cleaning industry with the world’s greatest employees. At the same time, our locally-owned, family-run business has close ties with the community, which helps us build strong and positive carpet cleaning relationships with all our clients. Every member of our team is carefully vetted and trained, letting you rest easy in the knowledge that your home will be well taken care of during the cleaning process, whether you’re home or not.


Regular House Cleaning Equipment


One Off Cleaning Service Equipment


Our small business size lets us assign the same team of professional cleaners to keep your home spotless, every time. Courteous and efficient, our carpet cleaners will quickly learn to deal with all the difficult-to-reach spots in your home wherever they may be found. Armed with a complete set of high quality detergents, brushes, vacuums and scrubbing materials, every Clean Fantastic team comes with all the right tools for the job. Even more importantly is their dedication and determination, to do the job right and leave no square inch of your home unattended to.

This mission to provide top-quality service is at the heart of our business, letting us establish the kind of close relationships that turns people into regular customers. We are able to achieve this standard by treating our own employees as part of our family, just as we treat our customers.
Our carpet cleaning experts then take ownership of every project, as team membership leads to a strong sense of responsibility. As a result of this approach, we keep all of our clients satisfied and happy with the quality of work we provide – even our little clients too! Here is a small but valuable ‘thank you’ testimonial from a little client of our regular home service property in Hillarys:

Clean Fantastic cleaning company was established nearly 8 years ago and we have never once let any of our customers down. Unlike other companies, when you book and schedule a cleaning service with us, we will always show up to do the job.
So rest assured you can have no worries as we are a company you can truly trus!

During the booking process, we always aim to please the customer when it comes to finding the right time and day for the clean to fit your busy schedule. We make the cleaning experience as positive and as pleasant as possible, because putting the client first is our number one priority.

We are not a company that uses just 1 cloth, 1 detergent, 1 broom and 1 vacuum cleaner. All of our teams are fully equipped which enables them to provide the high standard of cleaning Clean Fantastic offers to all of our clients. Here are some of the basic cleaning detergents and equipment we use for our Regular House Cleaning, End of Lease Cleaning and One Off Cleaning services:

Many of our first-time clients are shocked at how much dirt and dust we are able to remove from their homes, and how many assumed-to-be-permanent stains we are able to eliminate. Even for clients that had previously used other companies’ carpet cleaners to take care of their home, we are still regularly able to find several surfaces that had been unattended to and other areas that previous cleaners had ignored or neglected.

We eliminate mould, lime scale, hard water stains and countless other types of dirt that builds up on surfaces from floors and walls, all the way to fly screens. Our treatments can also involve steam carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, as well as deep cleaning of mattresses, rugs and furniture.

We handle tile and grout work, as well as all types of oven cleaning, in addition to traditional services such as floor, window, door, full kitchen and bathroom cleaning and much more. Our cleaning services are all guaranteed, leaving you at no risk and certain to have a thoroughly cleaned living space every time you use us.

Moreover, we are flexible. Our carpet cleaning customers are welcome to be at home during the cleaning, but we are equally happy to clean in your absence. Well-behaved pets are also allowed in the home during a cleaning, and our carpet cleaners can certainly handle special requests made in advance. We understand that our clients’ schedules can sometimes change, and we do our best to accommodate those changes when our office is informed in advance.

Clean Fantastic have invested extensively in the very best cleaning equipment for our team of carpet cleaners and house cleaners, they are always fully prepared and ready to work hard to ensure your Perth property receives the very best in cleaning services.

Simply put, we would like to go beyond just giving your homes the best and most complete cleaning ever. We want our employees to make it the best cleaning experience you ever had. Our company is committed to cleaning only residential homes which makes us the best cleaners in Perth!

When we provide End Of Lease Cleaning Service or Bond Cleaning Service you will get a full home clean, window clean, oven clean, steam carpet cleaning and tile and grout clean. Therefore, you do not need to worry about booking a different/multiple service providers as Clean Fantastic caters for every type of cleaning!

We at Clean Fantastic cater to all clients who live in the greater Perth area, including over 140 suburbs. Contact us today for the finest home cleaning services in the area.