About Us

We are happy to welcome you to the website of our business CLEAN FANTASTIC and thank you for your attention and interest that you have given us.

It is a pleasure for us to tell you about Our Services, our mission and our goals.

This is our story…


In 2009 Jane and George Rush who are Russian Born immigrants came to Perth from New Zealand in a search of a better new life for themselves and their kids, we did not try to find ourselves in a different job category or industry – having two little kids we did not have the time to learn a new profession or to receive a new education. We always knew that we are able to clean really well any home and that we could do this on a professional level.


During the first days of our business when it still did not have a name, our clients when seeing our purposeful work and high standard quality have constantly said one phrase. A phrase that gave us inspiration for naming our business – “YOU DID A FANTASTIC JOB GUYS!”.


The name CLEAN FANTASTIC became the obvious logical and correct choice to be the name for our business.


During the first days since establishing our business we aimed to achieve one specific goal and mission – to bring comfort and a clean style of living to our Clients, to reach optimally fitting price/quality, to create an image of a reliable business, a business that would never let their clients down.


Today after the passing of 14 years we are welcoming our Clients happily, some of who have become great friends throughout the work of Clean Fantastic. The award for us is your loyal actions and Testimonials about our business.


Thank you for remaining with us during the duration of 14 years and for trusting us.



We value and are thankful to you for all of this.


However, we also welcome those who are taking an interest in our site today as well.


We are glad that you are here and with pleasure want to say to you




It is of great importance to us that you understand this and how we clean your home, why we are successful at doing it better than others, what the difference is between us and other cleaning companies. Behind our shoulders we have 14 years of experience and we say this with pride, we have never had a single negative feedback – We are sure and guarantee that by choosing us instead of other similar companies you will receive a high standard professional service.


So when we say to you – «We gift you time», when receiving a high standard cleaning service you understand that these are not just empty words but rather a reflection in a small slogan of our actual mission. The result of 14 years of experience in our work, the drive to achieve perfection, obtaining new skills and bringing new technology for optimal fitting of the price/quality and ensuring that you save your personal time.


We do all of this for you!


We do this with You, because by receiving Your feedback and comments we react in a real time manner. We could not do it any other way. Today in an ever changing world and speeding up rhythm of life – TIME is no longer money, TIME is life itself!


Gift Yourself TIME – Contact us now!