Cleaning Battle Of Nollamara !!!!

Last weekend was very peculiar for us and we have received even more experience in our cleaning “adventure” .

We saw what a house  becomes after very bad tenants.

But…… The Most Important!!!! Lesson we learned is to never do an estimate time for a clean over the phone. Because

Our modern life can bring some things that can shock us.

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 On Friday we received a phone call from a man asking for a end of lease clean , he said this house after bad tenants and it needs some work.

 George ( the owner of the company and very experienced cleaner) asked him:

“How big is your house?”

When he heard that it is just a 3×2 house (3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms).  George answered with confidence

-“We can make your house very clean in 12 to 14 hours, if it was after bad tenants.”

– The owner said: “ Are you sure?  and George repeated again  with confidence

– “Yes, we are Experienced Cleaners, don’t worry.”

By saying that George made a big mistake, a very big mistake!!!

On Saturday we came with a team of 4 cleaners , when we came in from  the first steps  we were shocked at the condition of the house. Straight away we knew that this is not just 12 hours job but that it is a Big Job it should be a Really Big Job!!!!!

Here are some photos of the horrifying condition the tenants left the house in:


Every single door and appliance had a big layer of oil and grease, a big part of the walls was covered in Curry finger prints, The floors had  a massive  mash of dirt covering all the floor areas.


The stove burner had a massive layer of crust around it ,the size was approximately of 1cm


As you see the whole bathroom contains not only dead and dry cockroaches, also hundreds of live cockroaches crawling out from all the gaps.


Disgusting condition around the toilet bowl layer of urine and dirt.


All walls were covered in a heavy layer of nicotine with  and an entire layer of finger prints, food and even soccer ball prints.


Were all Greasy with an entire layer of finger prints.

But.. anyway we are here and we must do our job and we understood that the job should done with great attention and amazing results.

After the hard job of cleaning half of the house on Saturday we knew that we would be here back on Sunday!!!

Let us look back to our work and can you imagine it took 15 hours to only just clean the Kitchen. The Kitchen transformed to an amazing look,

here are some evidence of our work:


After the Kitchen we decided to transform the bathrooms and you can see the difference how it was and how it looks now.


After that we decided to transform the floors into a great condition and to help us with that we used a specialized tile and grout cleaning machine

which made the floor sparkling clean.


Once the job with the floor was complete the landlord was amazed with the high quality fantastic results.

It was nearly the end of the day and the last task of the day was to clean the Laundry. After couple of hours  the Laundry can meet any  fussy housewife. It became clean and tidy!!


So ….. After 2 days of working and spending   42 hours of cleaning the job still was not completed yet !!!

We anxiously were waiting for the Landlord but we knew that we did our best and definitely he must understand that. When the Landlord arrived and inspected our job he said :

-“Well done guys ,you did an amazing job.!!!

-“ Could you finish the job on Monday if it is possible?”

Second time we said:

-“ Job is job and business is business. Yes, sure !!! We will finish the job on Monday”.

On Monday finally we cleaned up all walls and the whole house transformed to the condition of a nearly built house.

See the amazing difference of the work that we did at this particular End Of Lease cleaning service of  how it was to how it looks now!!!


Bathroom sink was cleaned and all unescesarry items were put away in their rightful place.


That range hood top, kitchen bench and inside of all cupboards were cleaned.


Wall marks were removed, all rubish was picked up and thrown out and the carpet was vaccumed.












All finger marks and all other type of marks were removed from

the doors leaving it looking brand new.

So in conclusion to this nightmare   Yes!!! It was a valuable experience for us and now we can proudly say that “We can clean up any home in any sort of condition!!!”

So if you are a landlord and you need to get your home cleaned call us now!!!  With our work you will never have any problems. However, if you are a smart landlord you do not need to wait for your home to turn into a mess. It would be easier and cheaper for you  to just hire us as a regular cleaning service provider. Now your discission is to wait for a nightmare or live without a headache in your life.