Do you live in Hillarys??? Save $50 On Your Cleaning

Have you seen a white van driving around your area with a catchy phrase

“No time to clean? Just simply call fantastic team ! ”

And you are wondering what the fuss was all about ?


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And you are wondering what the fuss was all about ?

Well it is simple—- our cleaning business is growing and we are expanding our  cleaning zone.

How do we do this ? It is Simple!!! We are providing  a great home cleaning  service !!!

News of our fantastic cleaning service are spreading fast and we are moving from home to home providing you the best regular home cleaning service in Perth. Now we have more amazing news for you!!!!

If you can  see  our signed vehicle around Amalfi Drive Hillarys.


and even live on these streets:


Algarve Way

Amalfi Drive

Azzuro Cres

Antigua Road


Maldives Drive



Mustique Cres

Canarias Way—— then it is your Lucky Day!!!

Why you ask? Well it is quiet simple !!!

All of our new Clean Fantastic family members that are located in the same area will receive a fantastic $10 off their first 5 cleans.

Would it not be great to receive an amazing clean and a fantastic offer at the same time. Now that is what we call a real deal with no problems or hassle guaranteed!!!

So all you have to do is just simply book a quote and we will contact you within 24 hours to arrange a suitable day for our quotation lady to visit your home.

Now you can relax and be sure that you have left your home in the hands of real professional.