End of Lease Cleaning Quinns Rock

Spider webs are annoying inside and outside, they make your home look untidy and make you look uncaring. During our cleaning we include windows as well and part of window cleaning is cobweb removal. Here are a few photos of the End of Leas Cleaning Quinns Rocks service.

Job Location: Robert Road, Quinns Rocks, WA 6030

Job Type: End of Lease Cleaning Quinns Rocks

end of lease cleaning quinns rocks

End of Lease Cleaning Cob Web Removal

Reason for booking:  The client was vacating a property and requested a whole thorough house clean. As professionals we service all aspects of cleaning and go that extra mile to making sure everything is clean.

Client Feedback:
The client was very pleased with the service, she was also surprised that there were no more pesky cobwebs outside. She thanked us for getting rid of them and informed us that spiders were a bit of an issue. This is why cobweb removal is important and also helps avoid nasty little pests inside your home.

End of Lease Cleaning Quinns Rocks Service Guarantee

At Clean Fantastic, we believe in our high quality service and professionally trained staff, which is why we give a Service Guarantee. We have always achieved great quality results and it is this mentality that ensured us to never have any complaints from our clients for the past 10 years.

However, it is our policy in case a complaint happens within 24 hours after the service was finished to return and redo the job. We are also fully insured if any accidental damage occurs due to our fault.

End of Lease Cleaning Quins Rocks Area of Coverage