How to avoid the four biggest carpet cleaning rip-offs

Choosing a steam carpet cleaner is not an easy task.

Why? Because you are always constantly bombarded with misleading advertisements, claims and very poor information. From amazingly low prices and sales, to unqualified technicians and pointless methods. How do you find a qualified, trained, professional steam carpet cleaning technician ?

It is simple as reading this guide for customers.

Here you will discover how to avoid the basic four steam carpet cleaning rip-offs, six mistakes to avoid when choosing a steam carpet cleaner and four steps to a fresher, cleaner and healthier carpet.

These guidelines were written to help the customer to get a better understanding about steam carpet cleaning. With the provided information you will be able to make a fully informed and intelligent decision about choosing the right carpet cleaning service. Once you have made the choice to use Clean Fantastic for your steam carpet cleaning service just give us a call on 1300 – 761 – 851


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Everyone always wants the cheaper option in life and all of us are always attracted by the low prices when we see them. It is because we always want to work within a budget. But some carpet cleaners use the price as bait for their false and misleading advertisement. Most carpet cleaners offer a cheap price lower then the cost of the standard market price of $30 per room, then once they arrive to the property they convince you into buying additional packages. It is the same as if you were buying a brand new car and then find out the the seller is charging you extra for the tires and the steering wheel. Carpet cleaning is not as cheap as some unprofessional carpet cleaners would like to make you believe.


Dual steam carpet cleaning process is when the steam carpet cleaning technician preconditions the room with detergents, which is then followed by hot water steam extraction cleaning. However, many unethical carpet cleaners use the dual steam carpet cleaning process as a bait and switch tactic. Here is how they do it: First , they lure you in with the basic cleaning (Only hot water steam extraction without the preconditioning) at an amazing low price. Then, when you contact them they will lure you into a so called more expensive dual process. If you do not fall for their switching tactics and choose their basic service, you will receive a poor quality service and your carpet will remain in no better quality then it was before. So make the right choice and choose a real professional steam carpet cleaning service provider. At Clean Fantastic we precondition each room with our high quality cleaning detergents and use our powerful truck mount carpet cleaning machine to extract all the dirt from the fibres of your carpet.


Many carpet cleaners will say “THIS METHOD IS THE BEST”. You will read this in almost every carpet cleaning ad and you will hear this from every single carpet cleaner you call. Remember this: The best method is the method that achieves high quality results you pay for. If you want truly amazing results, you need to use the steam carpet cleaning technician that uses high quality cleaning detergents,best equipment available on the market and a powerful steam carpet cleaning machine. So before you choose your steam carpet cleaning technician, identify the results that you want to see. Then you can select the right steam carpet cleaning technician that will be the best to produce those results.


“HOT WATER DAMAGES THE CARPET” Many people believe that this is true and that many technicians damage the clients carpet who do not know how to steam carpet clean a carpet using hot water. Today we know that this is a big misleading statement and that it is actually false. By washing and extracting your carpet using hot water, allows your carpet fibres to be thoroughly cleaned. It is almost the same as a person who takes a shower and then washes off the dirt and soap, this person would be much cleaner then a person who takes a bath instead. Never trust a carpet cleaner who does not use hot water during steam carpet cleaning. Many carpet manufacturers around the world, recommend to use hot water extraction cleaning with a truck mount steam carpet cleaning machine.

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