Magic Tricks With Toilet

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between a cleaning lady and a professional cleaning service?

It is known that a cleaning lady will use cleaning supplies you buy for her from an ordinary supermarket. The fact is this is not a bad option but you can not achieve the amazing great result if you do not use the professional cleaning supplies that were designed  to produce a high level of quality.

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And sometimes the knowledge of these detergents are limited to the cleaning lady. While on the other hand professional cleaning service provaider uses the top notch cleaning detergents and newly produced technology to provide you the full fantastic end result.

Indeed  it is a huge differences and the results are amazing to see for yourself!!!!

Every now and then George receives requests of many of our regular desperate clients in need of soap scum and lime scale build up removal. Every time George is always happy to help because he knows it is an important part of our cleaning business to solve any new problems we are faced with.

In some cases George is unable to do this so he always searches for solutions to resolve these problems. Some cleaning detergents he can find  in Western Australia,some from other states of Australia and even he is importing them from overseas such as Germany, USA,Russia and Japan.

One day George received a request from our regular client ……

It involved a very dirty toilet and a very worried client.

George knew with confidence that no job is too complicated for The Clean Fantastic Cleaning Service!!!!

After arriving at the clients home George began to assess the damage made to the toilet and found the perfect cleaning solution for the job to be well done.

As you can see the toilet itself was in a horrifying  condition,  there was a large amount of scum build up . The client was complaining that the previous cleaners could not solve this problem and he was trying to remove it with ordinary Bleach (Chlorine based substance) and as you see without the specific knowledge of the use of different detergents you are unable to solve this problem. George knew that this type of problem could only be solved by using a phosphoric acid based detergent and you will see the amazing result.

Resize of TOILET DIRTY 1-1 Resize of TOILET DIRTY 1-2
Resize of TOILET DIRTY 1-3 Resize of toilet 2

In no time George had begun his work and cleaned the toilet a new looking condition. The toilet was so clean that you could be so amazed to think that it just came from a shop. Results produced by our service made the worried client astonished at how clean their toilet really was.

Now you can truly see the huge difference between our professional service compared to cleaning ladies and other cleaners.The magic tricks which George has done with the toilet is very simple —— expirience, knowledge and useage of the newest and best cleaning detergents on the  market.

Let see one more example….

One day George received a call from a client wanting to get rid of the soap stains and lime scale build up on his kitchen tap. George said with confidence that he can do the job without a problem!!!!

After analysing the damage done by the soap scum and lime scale build up on the kitchen tap as seen in the photo below.

 Resize of SINK 1 (1) Resize of SINK 2-1 (1)
Resize of SINK 2-2 Resize of SINK 3

George  brought the right solution which can help resolve this problem and he was able to get rid of this horrible condition that the tap was in.

After a short period of time the dirt, scum and scale were gone with the tap being transformed to an amazing finished clean.

A cleaning lady would never have done such a fantastic job and you can see why our professional cleaning service is different to any other cleaners.

So, in conclusion, a true professional cleaner is the one that spends most of his or her time searching for better way to improve their  skills and results.

This is what makes the big difference between an immature cleaner and a professional cleaning service like us.

Now you decide what is better!!!

To entrust your home to a professional with experience and back ground knowledge or to entrust your home to a complete stranger with no previous references.