Message To All Property Managers

Dear Property Managers
We are cleaning company with a new PHILOSOPHY which makes us a different. We believe that all WA home owners and renters deserve to move into a clean property and live in a spotless home. We created an effective cleaning system, we use modern techniques and top of the range technologies in the cleaning industry, we use some cleaning products which other cleaning companies never even heard about,our franchisee are trained by us personally and they are equipped with the best cleaning equipment available on the market.The idea to contact you came to us  after one day we came to one property to provide a steam carpet cleaning for one REAL ESTATE AGENCY as one PROPERTY MANAGER hired us to do a stem carpet cleaning.

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Also in previous  conversation  we asked her- “Do you need a professional END OF LEASE CLEANING done of the property? “ .
The answer was “friendly” as usual– “Not really, I have one nice cleaning lady who always does a great job for me for a very cheap price”
Likely George had an iphone and made some photos to show you how “great” the cleaning was in this particular property made
by the so called Cleaning Lady with a cheap price .
Please see the photos and brief explanations to get a better idea of – why it should not be considered a “GREAT JOB !!!”
The draws have marks  and stains which the cleaning lady was unable to remove.
1 (1)
The front panel of the draw has left over glue from a sticker that can not be removed by your regular cleaning detergents.
3 (1)
The glass panels of the kitchen cupboard and the outer frames were not cleaned and had smudges.
4 (1)
The cupboard doors have grease and dirt smudged, clearly no detergents were used but only a cloth.
The burner became caked with grease and grime and the cleaning lady did not have the correct detergents for its removal.
The sliding door tracks were left uncleaned and were not  vacuumed leaving lots of dirt and dust behind.
Wall marks were not removed, paint crumbled around the wall edges and dust bunnies were not vacuumed up properly.
Build up of mold was not removed and can cause serious health problems for the tenants, the window frames were not cleaned
properly as well with visible marks left behind.
Limescale forming around the faucets should be cleaned by a special detergent which many cleaning ladies never used or even heard of.
Even though the shower cabin was cleaned you can still thee that hard water stains were not removed from the shower cabin
glass and soap scum and body fat build up was left behind on the shower cabin frame.
The air conditioning outlet and air duct were not cleaned leaving dust and bacteria to spread through out the home.
Creating problems for people with allergies and asthma.
As you see from the above pictures you can clearly understand that “A cheap option is a BAD option”.
With Clean Fantastic you will not have to worry about these problems and know that we provide the best high quality cleaning service in Perth.
Visit our cleaning service sections to see the amazing results we produce and the large variety of services we provide.
With Clean Fantastic Pty Ltd we aim at making your life easier and headache free.
Contact us on 1300 761 851 to further discuss our co-operation and to book a quote.
Make the right step towards having all Western Australians to live in a clean home !!!
Anthony Rush (Clean Fantastic Promotional Manager)