Regular House Cleaning Marmion Service

We aim to always do that extra little something for all our clients when it comes to cleaning here are a few photos of the Regular House Cleaning Marmion job.

Job Location: Hasper Place, Marmion, WA 6020

Job Type: Regular House Cleaning Marmion

regular house cleaning marmion dustingregular house cleaning marmion skirting boards

Reason for booking: We received a call from a client who wanted to request regular cleaning for her lovely mum, she’s a nice elderly lady who unfortunately was no longer able to clean the home herself and needed our help. We were happy to help and assist her with her cleaning needs and told her that no request is too hard for us to do.

Client Feedback:
The client was very happy with the results and she was surprised to see how professional our cleaning really is, as specially with the dusting behind the appliances and the washing of skirting boards. Which she really had hard time of doing herself, she told us that she’s happy to have us as her regular cleaners and will try to make the house bit more messy as a joke.

Regular House Cleaning Guarantee

At Clean Fantastic, we believe in our high quality service and professionally trained staff, which is why we give a Guarantee. We have always achieved great quality results and it is this mentality that ensured us to never have any complaints from our clients for the past 10 years.

However, it is our policy in case a complaint happens within 24 hours after the service was finished to return and redo the job. We are also fully insured if any accidental damage occurs due to our fault.

Regular House Cleaning Marmion Area of Coverage