Regular House Cleaning Watermans Bay Service

We aim to always do that extra little something for all our clients when it comes to cleaning here are a few photos of the Regular House Cleaning Watermans Bay job.

Job Location: Mary Street, Watermans Bay, WA 6020

Job Type: Regular House Cleaning Watermans Bay

regular house cleaning watermans bay aircon filterregular cleaning watermans bayregular cleaning watermans bay outside door

Reason for booking:We received a call from a very pleasant woman from Watermans Bay, unfortunately she is no longer able to clean the home her self as she has 2 small kids and a 3rd on the way. So between taking care of the kids and important baby classes and doctor visits, she has a very busy schedule, which is why she began to look for a regular cleaning company. We were happy to assist her and organized a good suitable day for her with a flexible time.

Client Feedback:The client was very happy with the results  to see how professional our cleaning quality is, she was more astonished that we cleaned her Air conditioning filter, the little thing like taking out the trash which is a simple maintenance we provide during cleaning. She was also impressed to see the backyard garden door has also been cleaned inside and out, it is these small maintenance things that sets us apart from other cleaners. We aim to provide the best quality and outstanding house maintenance to make any smaller things you do yourself less straining.

Regular House Cleaning Guarantee

At Clean Fantastic, we believe in our high quality service and professionally trained staff, which is why we give a Guarantee. We have always achieved great quality results and it is this mentality that ensured us to never have any complaints from our clients for the past 10 years.

However, it is our policy in case a complaint happens within 24 hours after the service was finished to return and redo the job. We are also fully insured if any accidental damage occurs due to our fault.

Regular House Cleaning Watermans Bay Area of Coverage