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Looking for House Cleaning in Perth? You found it!

Do you have an urgent need to get your house spic and span yet you do not really have the time to do it on your own?
Perhaps you were away from home for a couple of weeks and all the dirt gathered in the nooks and crannies has you seeing red.
Maybe you had a party and the guests did a terrible job of cleaning up after themselves. Another scenario would be if your hawk-eyed mother in law is coming for a visit and you cannot have even a speck of dust around or she will think you are a slovenly hag.

Clean Fantastic will make your house ideally clean quickly, effectively, professionally and qualitatively!

Having been in the cleaning business for the last 10 years, we have heard it all. One time, one of our clients told us about
how she needed to get her house cleaned before a rent inspection so they turned to a cleaning lady for help. She thought all
was going well since the cleaner looked all busy and cleaned for a long time but the end result left a lot to be desired.
The lady who went by to check the house said she couldn’t liquidate the dirt so the owner (our client!) had to call in the pros for help and only then did the house pass inspection.
Another story we got was from one of our clients. This client was on a budget but wanted a clean house so she called so-called
“professional cleaners” with cheap rates to clean her house. They agreed to the deal and arranged for a date but didn’t show up at all!

So… what do you do when you need a clean house and you need it ASAP?

You can call a cleaning lady and you can call the first cleaning service number you can find but if you want a job well done, you call on us!
We will help you sort out the mess and get things squeaky clean so you do not get caught between a rock and a hard place.
We deliver only the best and most professional clean in no time!
You can count on us even when you’re under a time crunch.

If you want, you may also call 04-504-8226 and look for Jane!Book our One Off House Cleaning Service– we can clean any home no matter how challenging the dirt !!!
Even when others tell you that it is impossible.But do not take our word for it !!!
Have a look at some “before” and “after” pictures in our gallery so you can see for yourself just how well we work.
For us, there are no non-removable stains or non-removable dirt!
As specially in the kitchen, hallway, bathroom, and living room – we always put things back in order and leave your home sparkling clean!Let us show you the house, which we were invited to that required an urgent cleaning rescue.As a rule the strongest and most stubborn dirt is in the kitchen:The stove is covered with a sticky layer of grease and dirt, very dirty stove handles..




The burners themselves are covered in thickets scum which actively “resist” the usual house cleaning detergents.


The sink and faucet covered with a layer of lime scale and calcium build-up.

9-1 9-2
9-3 9-4

The air filters and cooking hood range tops are basically crammed with fat.

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Inside cupboards covered in layers of jams, syrups and other sticky products.

IMG_3411 IMG_3773

Would Clean Fantastic be able to handle all this dirt? Easily!

Lets go further – to the bathroom.

Here is our “main enemy” – is the layer of calcium and lime deposits around the faucets, handles and the shower frames including shower heads.

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Tiles in the house can be covered with soap scum, body fat and mould. These are the areas inspectors of real estate agencies often turn their attention

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 17-1  17-2

But the most difficult is to remove the mould, which feels at ease in the bathroom thanks to high humidity. The effected areas by mould are your bathroom walls and ceilings. Do not worry with our special mould removing cleaning detergent we will remove your mould with ease and not damage your walls or ceilings in the process in your house.

IMG_3579 IMG_3584
100_1550 100_1553
Look at the pictures and you will see that for Clean Fantastic all this mould, dirt and grime is not a problem!
  What do we have in the rooms?
Of course the dust on the floor and the furniture in your house can be easily removed with a damp cleaning cloth. But there are fingerprints, marks, paint, pencils and even sticky scotch tape remains on the walls, furniture and appliances. When these prints and markings are left all the times (around the cabinet handles, for example) getting rid of them becomes not an easy task. Do not worry we can remove them all without damaging your walls, furniture and appliances with ease thanks to our special cleaning detergents.
 5-1  5-2
 10-2  10-3

Some homes have window blinds and many of the blinds leave marks on the walls due to constant use.

18-11 18-2

By the way! This is the type of dirt and small details that inspectors of real estate agencies often turn their attention to, so all this is a must to be washed and cleaned! Our house cleaning business will help you! We know every detail of home cleaning!
We hope , you made up your opinion about the level of the quality our services provide. In the question of house cleaning you should not rush off for the lowest price, otherwise you will have the possibility of not being able to get rid of the existing problems and then acquiring new ones.

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For all requests you can contact directly  on 045-048-22-55 (Our Quotation Manager)