Steam carpet cleaning myths and misconceptions

Steam carpet cleaning myths and misconceptions.

There are many myths and misconceptions in the steam carpet cleaning industry which leave many consumers confused about the pros and cons of steam carpet cleaning.There are many operators in the steam carpet cleaning industry which give steam cleaning a bad name and reputation, they are usually not fully trained, use poorly maintained machinery and never use proper cleaning procedures which result in very poor cleaning performance and unhappy customers who choose to never use steam cleaning again.

We at Clean Fantastic are fully insured, police cleared, trained, equipped with high quality detergents and use the best steam carpet cleaning machinery available on the market.

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Myth 1 – Steam carpet cleaning takes the carpet too long to dry

Many operators in the carpet cleaning industry use very poor,weak and bad equipment when it comes to steam carpet cleaning. With our powerful top of the range Hydromaster Boxxer 421 we are able to absorb more moisture from the carpet unlike other weak machines that are used by other operators.With our machine your carpet will only require approximately 5 to 10 hours to be completely dry. Drying time may change to a maximum of 24 hours on due to wet or cold weather.

Myth 2 – Steam carpet cleaning shrinks the carpet.

Shrinking only occurs when carpets are wet for several days, this can occur when the operator uses weak or bad machinery which leaves a lot of moisture still trapped inside your carpet. As stated above with our powerful steam carpet cleaning truck mount machine, we are able to absorb more moisture from the carpet allowing it to dry quicker and avoiding the risk of shrinking.


Many times when carpets are not cleaned properly and not all moisture is removed due to weak and poor quality equipment, odour causing bacteria begins to multiply in the fibres of your carpet. When this occurs your carpet will smell like mould and mildew. Stickiness occurs when the steam carpet cleaning technician fails to extract the cleaning detergents from the carpet fibres. When the cleaning detergents that are left over in your carpet fibres dry, the fibres become sticky and begin to dry they then attach more dirt to themselves. Before you know it you will have to have your carpets steam cleaned again. Our powerful steam carpet cleaning truck mount machine prevents your carpet from growing odour causing bacteria. With the powerful suction we are able to extract the moisture and cleaning detergents thoroughly from your carpets. We also use a special neutralising treatment that helps us make your carpet fibres more pH balanced, this procedure is as similar as you using fabric softener while doing your laundry to make your clothes softer.


With proper techniques most common stains can be easily removed. Many operators in the carpet cleaning industry ignore the stains. Our steam carpet cleaning technicians preform a pre-inspection of your carpet to locate the stains and remove them effectively. However, there are some stains that can not be removed due to the stain remaining in the carpet for too long and the molecules bonding to the carpet fibre. The only option then is to have your whole carpet replaced. So be quick and have your stains treated now !


Hard and crunchy carpets are a result of the steam carpet cleaning operator failing to extract the cleaning solution from your carpet and leaving your carpet fibres with an unbalanced pH level. In our service we include a neutralisation as part of our steam carpet cleaning process, which leaves your carpet soft and your carpet fibres pH balanced.