Suggestions when you invite a carpet cleaning technician

Thank you for choosing Clean Fantastic steam carpet cleaning and upholstery service.

Below are some suggestions that will help you prepare for arrival of our steam carpet cleaning technician and the after care instruction for your carpet.

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1.Please thoroughly pre-vacuum all rooms prior to the arrival of the Clean Fantastic steam carpet cleaning technician.

2.Items such as chairs, floor plants, toys, shoes etc must be removed from the floor of all carpeted areas as it will shorten the required time for carry out the steam carpet cleaning service in your home.

3.Please remove all breakable items.

4.Put up any drapes or blankets on the furniture that might be touching the carpet surface.

5.Your electronics, cabinets, sofas, beds, tables, antiques and other items will not be moved by our technician during the steam carpet cleaning service. The carpet will be cleaned around these items and not underneath.

6.During the carpet inspection please advice the steam carpet cleaning technician on any special instructions.

7.Please inform the technician if you would like to have stains removed from your carpet and in what areas.

8.Please know that your front door will be open during the steam carpet cleaning service as the technician uses hoses with the truck mount machinery.

9.Keep your pets in a secure, safe area or a quiet place where your pets will not disturb the cleaning process.

10.Some more information about odours: We will do our outmost best to reduce and eliminate any nasty odours. However, due to the depth of the fibre contamination we can not 100% guarantee that success may be obtained.

11.Regarding child safety it is a big concern, we are concerned for your children’s safety. Please keep an eye on them at all times during the steam carpet cleaning process as hoses reach high temperatures.


1. Furniture must be removed prior to the arrival of the Clean Fantastic Steam Carpet Cleaning Technician. The furniture also should remain off the carpet after the service has been carried out for 5 – 10 hours at times up to 24 hours due to wet weather. However, it is recommended to have the furniture off the carpet until it has dried completely.

2. To prevent re-soiling and tracking dirt please keep your children and pets off the carpet until it is completely dry.

3. Please be very cautious when walking from the damp carpet on any other surfaces in your home as there is a hazard of slipping.

4. Drying time can take anywhere from 5 – 10 hours depending on the temperature, humidity and airflow. However, it may take up to 24 hours during wet weather. When the service has been carried out provide ventilation to make the drying process quicker. You can do this by the use of ceiling fans, opening your windows during the time of low humidity on a sunny day or use of an air conditioning system on a hot day.