What type of cleaning service is right for you?

What type of cleaning service is right for you?Many cleaning companies schedule their customers services by several types of cleaning schedules weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleaning service.Choose Weekly Cleaning if:

  • If you have a large home that requires too much time to clean,for example-more than 4bathrooms,big flooring area etc.
  • You need to have your home constantly clean due to allergies and other health conditions.
  • Your family consists of 2 or more kids and you own a few pets.

Choose Bi-Weekly Cleaning if:

  • You own a small property
  • If you have areas of your home that you use rarely
  • You feel comfortable with waiting 2 weeks between each cleaning service


Choose Monthly Cleaning if:

  • You want to have your home thoroughly cleaned on a monthly basis, because you do small maintenance cleaning during the week.
  • If you love to travel and do not require regular cleaning service.

What all these services mean is that the more frequently you have your home cleaned, the less time it takes to clean and so it would lower the costs for your weekly,bi-weekly or monthly cleaning service.

With a frequent cleaning schedule, the cleaning team has more options of what requires more focus and which areas of your home will need more effort.

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