What secrets we use to keep our regular clients use our service for the past 6,7,8 and 9 years?

Is this even possible? Yes It Is!

You can find out about this secret below…

1. Clean Fantastic is a local and family owned business with 10 years of experience and service history.

We created a simple and understandable system for our clients and a cleaning system for all our teams.

Our cleaning system includes 6 important elements:
1. Cleaning The Kitchen.
2. Bathroom/Toilet Cleaning.
3. Dusting.
4. Vacuuming.
5. Moping the Floor.
6. Cleaning Maintenance.

All of our teams that work with us must carry out this cleaning system which is taught through training and is included in the contract. They fully understand that if they break these rules and conditions we can terminate the contract with them instantly if we keep receiving complaints from clients and more importantly
if the clients begin to cancel their service.

2. We carry out only Domestic Cleaning Services and this makes us experts within this field.

We professionally carry out: Regular House Cleaning, End of Lease cleaning, Vacate Cleaning, Bond Cleaning,Oven Cleaning, Steam Carpet Cleaning, Tile and Grout Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning and Window Cleaning

3. Clean Fantastic is a small family owned and ran business and we are your locally based cleaning company.

We are not a big Franchise! Why is this important for our clients? As a small company we are able to control our system more thoroughly and be flexible when it comes to all of our client’s requests. The owners of Clean Fantastic are always on a constant look out for ways to improve our cleaning methods and techniques.

Our company is structured in a way that ensures and makes client satisfaction our top priority!

4. We always employ only individuals who are committed and are the right staff to clean your property.

To find such individuals we spends almost 3-4 months on a selection process.
We go through almost around 300-400 applicants and we interview roughly between 20-30 candidates. Out of all of them we select 2-3 teams and only after a final interview do we choose the 1 team that is the best one. After this they go through a screening process, they undergo 2 weeks of training before they are allowed to go out in the field.

Only the best of the best will come to your home!

4. Why do people try so hard to apply for a job in our company?
At Clean Fantastic we are a Family and we treat all our teams and members as Family Members. The teams take up cleaning as a life long career and understand that the quality of cleaning is an important aspect in the cleaning industry.

All of our cleaning teams understand that if they will carry out their job responsibly and professionally, then all of that will positively effect the reputation of Clean Fantastic and will improve their income and the income of other teams as a whole – We are a Clean Fantastic Family!

5. At Clean Fantastic we have created our own cleaning standards, which our teams strictly carry out.

Our standards  allow us to reach a high standard of cleaning, which completely satisfies our clients requests. This is what makes our company truly different from our competitors when you are searching for a cleaning service perth provider. This is exactly why our customers are always satisfied and all the time recommend us to their family, friends, neighbors and work colleagues.

6. How are we able to achieve such a high standard of cleaning service?

Because our cleaning teams are highly experienced cleaners and are well equipped. You can see the photo bellow of the cleaning arsenal of equipment and cleaning products that we have within our use:

 In our arsenal we have: Cleaning products to remove lime scale, hard waters stains, any greasy or oily surfaces in your kitchen, mould eliminating detergents,heavy duty detergents to clean your hard floor surfaces, fly screen washing equipment and many other tools.

If our clients require a deep steam cleaning of their carpets or tile and grout cleaning then in this case we use a powerful Truck Mounted Steam Carpet Cleaning Machine:

7. Cleaning Seminars carried out with our Cleaning Teams.

To make sure we do not commit the same mistake over and over again, we make sure our teams undergo seminars to go over any mistakes they have made and this is all done to ensure perfection and continued improvement to the quality of service.

8. Clean Fantastic Reputation is of utmost importance!

We assure you that when you call Clean Fantastic for help, we will never let you down. If we booked your job for an End of Lease, Vacate Clean or an Inspection Cleaning Service when you need it most and do not want to be let down at the most important moment – WE GUARANTEE that we will arrive at the arranged day and time!

During the whole time our company existed – we have never let down not even one of our clients.

We guarantee your satisfaction and if not, the owners will personally go to your house to solve any problems that contributed to the lack of your satisfaction.
Please call us within 24 hours after the work was complete and we will return
to fix any mistakes we have made.

As you see we don’t keep secrets!

We have a thorough cleaning system, committed staff with a well equipped cleaning arsenal and they have the will to provide the best cleaning service in Perth!

This is why Clean Fantastic should be your first and only choice!

We are not just your ordinary cleaning service,we are leagues beyond the average cleaning lady or your ordinary cleaning company.

By visiting our FACEBOOK PAGE , you can find posts about the amazing quality of service we provide, client feedback and photos of actual Before & After situations we face during our cleaning service.