Why Is Our Service Different?

Some time ago I got a call from a lady, who had found our website on Google and after reading the information on our website, and viewing our impressive work on YouTube, she decided to call and find out what makes our service different to others.

I asked her :

Why she was looking for high quality cleaners”, and she admitted that her cleaning lady was going on a vacation the following week and that she needed to find good, reliable and professional cleaners. She told me that after Googling many different cleaning websities she felt overwhelmed and did not know which one to choose. When she visited our website, it instantly stood out from the rest and was exactly what she was looking for.

Firstly, the most important question for her, was how much the service would cost. I told her that it is necessary to visit her house, in order to make a quote and show her a DVD presentation – from which she will understand more about our services, and she will easily reach a conclusion as to the high standards of cleaning we provide.

She will then be able to decide if she will hire us, search for other cleaners or wait for her cleaning lady to return, who had been cleaning her house for around a year.

After arranging a visit for Jane, who usually does the quotation, we eagerly awaited the day.

The day came, and Jane visited her home.

Showing her the DVD presentation of our cleaning standard and announcing our price, this lady was a little shocked that our fees are significantly higher than the cost of a cleaning lady.

…but our service is worth it– Jane tried to explain to her, “and

many customers are aware of this; they use our service on a fortnightly

basis, because if we are cleaning in their home, it will definitely be a real clean compared to other cleaners”

Also as an owner of my business, I was interested only in one thing –

I needed to compare the quality of a cleaning lady’s work and what our company offers as a service.

I also promised to her she would get a full refund for our service as an exception if:

1. She found any problems with our service.

2. We cannot find any areas that need to be cleaned which the cleaning lady never did.

3. We could not improve the quality of the service compared to what her cleaning lady usually provides.

Upon hearing such a great deal, she gladly accepted our offer, and I was looking forward to the next week when I could demonstrate with my team the quality of our regular cleaning service.

I came to an agreement with her that all the problematic areas I saw, I could take pictures of and post on our blog. I came up with the idea to tell this story to other interested people who still have doubts as to who is better as a cleaner —a cleaning lady or the real professionals.

The week flew by fast, and the long-awaited visit had come.

As I approached the front door, I had already found the first thing I could improve on as a professional cleaner.

The surface of the front door glass had hard Water Stains, and I decided at the end of our service to remove them as a pleasant surprise for her.

service-1 service-2
the surface before after

During the start of our clean, problem after the problem started to arise.

As a professional, you start to discover a lot of problems in places that ordinary cleaners never pay attention to.

With our professional service, we do a detailed Regular Cleaning Service and turn our attention to every single detail.

Here is some strong evidence that shows the faults of unprofessional cleaners:

All the walls had prints from the window blinds that can only be removed using special techniques and detergents.

18-11 18-2
wall before no marks after
Some window frames needed some attention because of a large layer of dust and dirt
service-3 service-4

In the kitchen inside of the bin for some reason  the cleaning lady did not bother to check and wipe it.


In the pantry with products  on the bottom shelf I found dirt smudges

service-6 service-7


There was a lot of space for improvement.

The frame of the cabin was covered with a lime scale coating and this coating can only be removed with a special  detergent.

service-8 service-9

lime scale and hard water stains / rings around the faucets too are removed by special detergent,which a cleaning lady may have never heard of and not known about.

service-10 service-11

Light fixture was covered in a heavy layer of dust, the door frame contained a large layer of greasy staining.

service-12 service-13


Top of the dryer had a large amount of dust

service-14 service-15


We then came to the dusting, there were many problematic areas:

The lower part of the window frames along the floor, for a cleaning lady it would have been a difficult task to bend down and wipe, it can be seen in the photo.service-16 Under the stereo we found a very large build up of dust – which the cleaning lady definitely never bothered to clean. See photo: service-17We also check for dust behind bedside tables and around them: service-18Even if we see any stains on the glass tables we try our best to remove them as well!

service-19 service-20

or even wooden surfaces

service-21 service-22
 paint stains on the wooden surface  as you see we can eliminate mostly of the paint stains even on the wooden surface


When we do vacuuming we always make  sure to pick up all the pet fur from your carpet See  photo


After our service, the client was delighted with the quality of work done and she never mentioned anything about the refund.

We did one more regular visit for her, and after that, she informed us that her cleaning lady was returning from her vacation and she was sorry to inform us that she is changing back to her cleaning lady because of her low price.

We respected our client’s decision and had no problems with that.

We presented her with our “THANK YOU” card when we finished and wished her all the best with her cleaning lady.

BUT… This was not the end of the story.

In just a week we received an urgent call from her:

Come back! It is unbearable!”

When we returned to her house the client was just horrified with the results of her cleaning lady and went around to show us all the flaws.

Here, and here!” She kept repeating, bringing us to particular places or certain spots around the house.

She kept saying

Previously it somehow wasn’t noticeable, but after your great service, it is impossible to go back to this sort of cleaning level. Your service is certainly not cheap, but as for the cleaning ladies service, I do not even understand what I was paying for due to so many flaws!”

Of course, we were happy to have her back as our regular client.

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