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Clean Fantastic is your Residential Window Cleaning Professionals In Perth,WA

For thorough and professional window cleaning in Perth or the suburbs, choose Clean Fantastic for the most effective and dependable service you’ll find. We at Clean Fantastic take a careful and methodical approach to all window cleaning projects, leaving you with spotless results that will brighten your home and leave an excellent impression on you and your visitors.
Dirt and various types of stains can collect on fly screens, window sills and frames, and the windows themselves, leading to unsightly results that leave a room feeling untidy. With our team of dedicated window cleaning experts on the case, we’ll have your windows looking shiny and new.

Fully licensed, insured and with a service guarantee, our teams of professional window cleaners are equipped with the finest tools and detergents on the market.

We first remove any loose dirt and give the area an initial clean. From there, we remove all screens and give them special attention, while beginning the type of deep clean that is most effective at removing hard-to-loosen dirt on and around the windows. Our delicate scrapers can get rid of residue from stickers or paint that may be stuck to the windows, while avoiding any additional damage.

With our soft brushes and careful cleaning methods, we’ll have your windows looking great – even getting rid of many stains that you may have given up on long ago. When the process is finished, we’ll dry out and re-install any fly screens, leaving you with windows and frames that will gleam with clarity and cleanliness.

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At Clean Fantastic, we bring years of experience to every cleaning task. All of our professional window cleaning experts are given rigorous training before working with clients, and will treat your home with great care and consideration. Our teams are unfailingly courteous, and will accommodate any special requests to the best of our ability.
We use only the best detergents and chemicals, providing our customers with window cleaning services that are unmatched in the greater Perth area. We are able to bring extendable ladders to reach windows well above street level, and will make an extra effort to ensure that every job is performed to your complete satisfaction. Our cleaning products are all child and pet-friendly, allowing you to rest easy in the knowledge that your home will feel as bright and welcoming as possible after every one of our visits.

As part of our flexible and reliable window cleaning service, we give our clients the option of being at home during the cleaning process, or leaving the area to our professionals. Our aim is to serve you with speed and convenience, leaving your home looking as presentable and clean as it can possibly be, whether for routine weekly or monthly cleaning, end-of-lease cleaning, or special window cleaning projects to remove dirt and stains that have accumulated over time.

We at Clean Fantastic want to give our clients the best deals we can, which is why we also offer expert window cleaning as part of a wider package cleaning deal for our clients in the greater Perth area, which includes big savings. We also offer a referral bonus for those who spread the word about our services to others.

Throughout our years as Perth’s most dependable window cleaners and home cleaners, our clients have singled us out for praise, saying that we have gone above and beyond their expectations on account of our expert approach and hard-working cleaning teams that leave no stone unturned and no stain unscrubbed.

We firmly believe that our effectiveness and high quality performance come as a result of our dedication as a locally-run business to becoming Perth’s top home cleaning company. With 8 years of experience, we have developed the tools and methods that, when combined with the best of all the modern detergents and cleaning equipment, result in the best professional cleaning result you’ll find.

Our window cleaning teams also take ownership of every task, and treat each family’s home with the utmost care and respect. To discover how brightly your home will shine with a truly professional window cleaning, contact us 7 days a week, on 045-048-2266. You’ll be treated to the best cleaning service available, with a qualified team that can help your home look as good as it can be.


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For all requests you can contact directly Jane Rush on 045-048-22-66 (Our Quotation Manager)