Carpet Cleaning Sorrento by Clean Fantastic Pty Ltd

Some photos of the Carpet Cleaning Sorrento job we would love to share with you.

carpet cleaning sorrento

Job Location: High Street, Sorrento, WA, 6020

Project Type: Carpet Cleaning Sorrento

Carpet Condition: 1 Year Old, Vanilla, Saxony Carpet.

Extras: Soft Drink Stains Removal.

Reason for Carpet Cleaning: After Party Cleaning and Stain Removal.

carpet cleaning perth

Client Feedback: The Client is very happy with the results and has requested a booking for another job in 6 months.

Our Guarantee

At Clean Fantastic Pty Ltd, we believe in our service and staff which is why we give a 100% Guarantee. For 6 years of our company being open we have not had a single complaint and have been 100% accident free.

If a complaint happens within 24 hours after the service was finished, it is our policy to return and redo the job. We are also fully insured if any accidental damage occurs.

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