Carpet Cleaning Watermans Bay by Clean Fantastic Pty Ltd

We want to share with you some photos of a Carpet Cleaning Watermans Bay job we did not so long ago.

carpet cleaning watermans bay

Job Location: Flora Terrace, Watermans Bay, WA 6020

Job Type: Carpet Cleaning Watermans Bay

Carpet Condition: The carpet was heavily stained, with dirt from a plant pot and drink stains.

Extras: The client wanted a deep steam clean, with full stain removal and soil particle extraction.

Reason for booking: The kids knocked over a pot and tried to clean up the mess resulting in rubbing in the soil deeper into the carpet fibers. There was also an accidental drink spillage that occurred couple months prior. The Client wanted the carpet to look like it was in it’s original condition!

carpet cleaning perth

Client Feedback: The client was very surprised that we managed to get all the stains out. However, we did notify the client that due to the fact that the drink spillage was left untreated it has bonded to the carpet fibers. Some stains should be treated immediately as they can quickly bond and damage your carpet fibers. Making them nearly impossible to remove even by a professional. The Client has booked us in and has requested our details for emergency bookings if such accidents occur in the future.

Our Guarantee

At Clean Fantastic Pty Ltd, we believe in our service and staff which is why we give a 100% Guarantee. For 6 years of our company being open we have not had a single complaint and have been 100% accident free.

If a complaint happens within 24 hours after the service was finished, it is our policy to return and redo the job. We are also fully insured if any accidental damage occurs.

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